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I was admitted to the hospital, given a multitude of tests, Cat scan, MRI twice!, etc. I ended up with a herniated disk and nerve damage running the length of my entire left leg.

Now being a mother of three and a newly certified yoga teacher, this was not going to work for me. I did everything I was told to do from a traditional medicine perspective, short of surgery. I was still unable to workout, practice yoga, drive car pools, carry laundry upstairs, food shop, or hang with my kids. This was not the quality of life I was accustomed to enjoying, not to mention the amount of pain medication I was discharged with. Enter Greg Carey, L.Ac.

After an initial consultation he had assessed my injuries and developed a treatment plan with me, utilizing Acupuncture and cupping. Due to the nerve damage, I had less than 50% feeling in my left shin. Also, my movement was restricted immensely as my left quadricep muscle had seized up and my hip flexor wasn’t much better. With Greg’s help, I am happy to report that the sensation in my shin has returned to better than 90%, I am able to practice yoga, workout and resume my daily routines. Along the way, Greg also began treating me for tendonitis in my left elbow.( Totally unrelated.) At my last visit, he asked me how my elbow was and I honestly hadn’t realized it had stopped hurting and I had full range of motion.

Greg is a very talented healer. He is kind, compassionate and patient. When I was growing frustrated with my body’s response he encouraged me to continue trusting the healing process. As he methodically assessed and evaluated my treatment, I never doubted his judgement. I am so very thankful that I trusted him and gave my body the time it needed to heal.

Thank you Greg Carey, L.Ac!!



At Old Bridge Acupuncture and Wellness, we are here to provide you with pain-relieving treatments so that you can get BACK to living life to its FULLEST.

Old Bridge Acupuncture is led by Gregory Carey, L.Ac., who has more than 15 years of Clinical Experience in the field of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, especially when it comes to chronic and seemingly hopeless cases.

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