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What To Expect With Herbal Medicine

At Old Bridge Acupuncture & Wellness

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Appropriate Treatment Course

You may need to be on herbs for a few days or possibly several months based on your condition.

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Formulas Prescribed Specifically For Your Needs

We will evaluate you to determine what herbs are most appropriate for you, and change them as your condition changes.

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Works Naturally With Your Body Without Side Effects

Chinese herbal formulas work naturally to promote balance and healing. Many medications shut down bodily processes and often cause undesired side effects. Chinese herbs are available in many different forms such as teapills, granules, or raw herbs.

Common Questions About Herbal Medicine

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Yes. We only use herbs from companies with very high standards such as Evergreen and Classical Pearls. Our herbs are extensively tested and are free from contaminants and heavy metals. Before prescribing any formula, we ensure that the herbs do not interact with medications you are on. Side effects from herbs are rare.

Do Chinese Herbs Work?

Yes. Chinese herbs have been used to effectively treat a variety of health concerns for thousands of years.

What Form Can I Take Chinese Herbs In?

While Chinese Herbs are best when cooked from raw herbs, we find that most people simply do not have the time or desire to cook their herbs. Therefore, we most commonly prescribe herbs in granular or capsule form.

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