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We Treat These Digestive Disorders

GERD, LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux), IBS, 
, Diarrhea, Gastroparesis

And So Many More

Our Recent Patient Success Stories


Living with Crohn's disease and being put on biologic medications for several years my body could not tolerate the side effects. They were causing hair loss, memory loss, anxiety and depression. At only 19 years old and no cure yet for this disease I decided to turn to alternative medicine and give acupuncture and herbal medicine a chance. Thanks to Greg and Old Bridge Acupuncture, I have now brought my CRP and Calprotectin down to normal range. This is amazing because I am no longer poisoning my body with 'risky' medications and I feel better every day! For those who may be skeptical, it worked! Greg Carey, L.Ac. is very knowledgeable and with his help I FINALLY have begun to live my life and heal rather than suffer daily.

Lauren C.


I had a re-occurrence of my LPR (Silent Reflux) which was causing me very bad throat pain and hoarseness. I had gone to an ENT who could only offer me PPIs. I decided to give acupuncture a try, as I had heard it had some success against LPR. A couple of months of treatment, no pain, the hoarseness is diminishing, and no PPIs. Gregory Carey, L.Ac. and his staff are pleasant to deal with. Very satisfied customer!

Jim N.


I suffered from chronic constipation and bloating for years, and nothing seemed to help. Acupuncture treatment with Greg greatly improved my digestion and I don't have to worry about the daily toilet struggle anymore! No more stool softeners, laxatives and abdominal pain!

Stephanie O.

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