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A patient came to us with stubborn Plaque Psoriasis covering their whole body. They had lived with their Plaque Psoriasis for almost 30 years when they came to us at Old Bridge Acupuncture and Wellness. Previously, they had treated their stubborn Plaque Psoriasis with Biologic immunosuppresant pharmacologic therapy. However, due to Covid 19, they stopped all pharmaceutical drugs that lowered/supressed their immune system.

Their Psoriasis symptoms included severe Pruritus (itching), day and night, and thick, large, red, bleeding and inflamed rough skin plaques that covered their scalp, entire back, Torso, Arms and Legs.

We developed a Treatment Plan for them based on the deep experience and training of Gregory Carey, L.Ac. Within a week of treatment, their skin already began to clear, their itching began to subside. By two weeks, THE ITCHING STOPPED COMPLETELY. By 3 Months of our treatment, you can see the results documented in photographs here.

If you have Psoriasis and would like to treat it successfully, naturally, without drugs, steroids or immunosuppresants, call us to set up a Consultation.

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